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Y to the UM - Coeliac Recipies

smileyfish posting in Coeliac Recipies
User: coeliac_recipes (posted by smileyfish)
Date: 2011-02-08 20:20
Subject: Y to the UM
Security: Public
Dear gods that's delicious! Re-discovering I actually know how to cook...


Get home from work, tired and uninspired. Inspect contents of fridge, locating half and eggplant, half a capsicum, some tired-looking swiss brown mushrooms and an overripe (home-grown) tomato. Think... find pie dish and turn on oven.

Slice eggplant fairly thinly and line pie dish. Splash with olive oil and throw in hot oven (160-180oC) for 10 minutes.

Slice mushrooms and tomato, cut capsicum into chunks. Dice a whack of garlic.

Discover 1/3 of a brown onion in fridge. Slice thinly. Investigate fridge further; grab ham that needs using up, jar of insipid olives and jar containing dregs of goats cheese in olive oil. Add garlic to cheesy dregs with extra olive oil. Raid garden, returning with sprig of rosemary and fistful of basil.

Pull eggplant out of oven. Top with mushrooms, onion and a scatter of rosemary. Chuck on some olives. Add generous sploosh of balsamic and a gentle drowning of red wine. Return to oven for 20 mins.

Pour self glass of red, retire to lounge room and surf the net until stomach reminds you how empty it is.

Retrive dish from oven. Add thinly sliced ham*, capsicum and top with tomato. Pour over cheesy-garlicy olive oil and scatter with torn basil. Dust with ground pepper and a little cayene or smoked paprika. Bung back in oven for 20 mins or so. Retire back to your red.

Finish wine. Saunter over to oven and discover dinner perfectally cooked. Grab (GF) flat breat, throw on plate and chuck in oven to warm while dinner cools. Once warm, add a smear of butter, re-fill wine glass, serve up perfect melty eggplant-tomato-winey goo and seriously enjoy. It's damn good.


* works fine without ham for the veggie types. or substitute your own fun pork products!
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